IT Support

CTO Services in India

Our CTO services are on-demand and is execution focused. We manage, oversee & execute the complete IT Infrastructure, IT Compliance and reporting function and provide day-to-day oversight, mentoring and support to the client’s team and management.

Services Offered by our On-Demand CTO

  • The primary role of a Chief Technology Officer in any organization is to oversee the existing technology, plan, maintain and report on the activities and manage technology requirements of the business.
  • Participate in management decisions
  • Help you in planning technology strategy
  • Oversee research and development
  • Keep you updated with the latest technology, standards and compliance regulations
  • Setting safeguards for your organisation's private data and optimising business processes.

  • How we do it for you?

  • Evaluate current IT infrastructure, including client/staff needs and business goals
  • To determine what hardware / software needs to be added or replaced
  • Evaluate and manage current technology assets
  • Develop a technology roadmap for the organization
  • Ensure that IT infrastructure is well-planned and effectively managed
  • Provide assistance with decision-making on all technology-related matters
  • Develop Security Policies for Technology Users.
  • We will help you upgrade your Office Automation Process ie. Application Software Used, Website Up-gradation, Technology Upgradation keeping your financial budgets in control.

  • Why Us!

    IT Support solutions for low cost, expert support services.

    Best Pricing

    You no longer have to worry about high costs towards IT Support as we provide unlimited support for a flat monthly fee.

    Fast Response

    Should a problem be discovered, PC Chimp will rectify the condition through remote means first. In the event, remote access support fails to resolve, engineers will be dispatched quickly to your office.

    Proactive Support

    With the help of our real-time monitoring 24×7 services, we can detect and resolve a potential IT problem before it becomes a big problem. This saves your business both time and money.

    Regular Reports

    Monthly reports indicates your equipment health and the resolutions made for every IT issues. This way, you are aware of our hard work done behind the scene, while you stay focused on your core business.

    Single Point of Contact

    We will liaise with other related vendors that work with your company, and you no longer have to manage them. These vendors could be website hosting, cloud email, internet provider and others. We understand the technical jargons, and it’s easier for us to talk to them.

    Support Guarantee

    Our straightforward service level guarantee gives you complete satisfaction. If you don’t get the service you paid for, you can terminate the contract. It’s as simple as that.