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Enterprise Wifi Overview

Historically, it was necessary to connect workstations via Ethernet (wired) connections. Now, Wi-Fi has improved so much that it is taking a bigger role. It is more cost-effective (and just as fast as ethernet) when your network infrastructure is based on building-wide Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi networks are important to enterprises' digital transformation. Wi-Fi networks enable signals to move with users. In this vein, enterprise employees can work collaboratively anytime and anywhere through their PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Currently, more than 70% enterprises have already deployed wireless office networks, significantly improving work efficiency.

Enterprise Wifi

Whether you have a large business with multiple locations or a small office in one location, a robust & secure Enterprise Wifi Solutions is the foundation of your business. Our wireless solutions are designed and built around your specific business needs. We offer a right first-time approach to your deployment from the initial site survey through to planning, design, product recommendation and install so that your wireless solution is robust and gives you maximum coverage, performance and security.

Our WiFi solutions checklist
  • Wireless site surveys
  • Heat mapping
  • Network integrations
  • Network optimisation
  • Experienced network engineers
  • Leading vendor partnerships
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    Why Us!

    Fast and secure WiFi solutions.

    Best Pricing

    Being distributor for networking products we get the best pricing for our customers.


    Manage capex spending by only purchasing the modules you need, as you need them.


    New, flexible and innovative design customized to each company’s unique needs.

    Low Loss

    Maximise the efficiency of every fibre in every network and cut down on losses.

    Fast Delivery

    Meet our customers deadlines with our short lead times and quick turnaround.

    Project Tracking

    WIth project tracking tools our customers can track their projects progress in real-time.