Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT Support

The financial realities of owning a small business can make it difficult to hire an internal IT team, and you may need multiple IT professionals or an entire department to cover all the tasks required to run your business. IT support can be outsourced, but this option depends on the amount and scope of support required.

Why outsource my small business IT support to PC Chimp?

Many small businesses do not have the time, resources or money to develop and maintain these systems. PC Chimp builds and protects your infrastructure and provides you with the necessary support to avoid downtime for your users. Getting the right IT services and outsourcing company is vital for any small business. If you decide that outsourcing IT support makes sense for your business, contact us at PC Chimp Technologies.

What is PC Chimp's expertise in Small business IT Support?

For a flat monthly fee, business owners and IT managers can now purchase support services for their business that they can use for less than Rs.25,000 a month or even less.

Finally, you need to add support to your budget, and these expenses are likely to be taken into account depending on the size of your business and your technical needs. Work with a reputable IT support company like PC Chimp that can help you keep your IT running smoothly. It will not be you who train your team on how to use them and adapt them for your business.

PC Chimp is a responsible IT support company which will always work to meet your needs. This makes it so much more cost-effective - more effective than to hire your own staff.

Why Us!

IT Support Solutions for cost effective, easy and efficient small business IT support.

Best Pricing

Being distributor for networking products we get the best pricing for our customers.


Manage capex spending by only purchasing the modules you need, as you need them.


New, flexible and innovative design customized to each company’s unique needs.

Low Loss

Maximise the efficiency of every fibre in every network and cut down on losses.

Fast Delivery

Meet our customers deadlines with our short lead times and quick turnaround.

Project Tracking

WIth project tracking tools our customers can track their projects progress in real-time.